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Major Changes For the Women IPL 2023

The BCCI has finally started planning for the Women IPL, which will take place next year. There are some changes that we can expect from the tournament, however. The Opening ceremony will not be held, there will be only three teams and four matches instead of five. A number of other changes are also expected to occur, including more female players. Let’s take a look at some of them. Listed below are the major changes for the Women IPL 2023.

Women’s T20 Challenge will be a full-fledged IPL:

The BCCI is planning to launch a women’s IPL by 2023 and will have five or six teams for the inaugural edition. The existing ten franchises in the men’s IPL will get the first choice in buying teams for the women’s league. Four teams have already expressed interest in investing in the women’s IPL. The BCCI will then look for other options.

The BCCI’s Governing Council has approved the idea of a six-team women’s IPL. The proposal was made at the Governing Council meeting in Mumbai earlier this month. The women’s IPL will have teams from all over India and overseas, but first preference will be given to existing IPL franchises. However, the board will also look for teams from outside the country. Get more information about Women IPL 2023.

The BCCI president has already hinted that the Women’s IPL may be held next year. The BCCI president has spoken of creating a women’s league following the success of the Big Bash League in Australia and the T20 Kia League in England. So, the BCCI has already conducted three Women’s T20 Challenge matches in the Indian Premier League playoffs, featuring Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana, and Mithila Raj. The matches, however, were canceled due to COVID issues.

Media Rights for the Next IPL Cycle:

The BCCI has also discussed media rights for the next IPL cycle. It is expected that the women’s T20 Challenge will start in May, with three or four teams, and will take place around the time of the IPL playoffs. As with the men’s IPL, the BCCI is serious about hosting a women’s IPL.


Cricket West Indies has already announced plans to introduce a women’s T20 League. They will follow the NZC, CA, and ECB in organizing the women’s version of their men’s T20 League. In the meantime, the PCB has also announced similar plans. The Women’s Big Bash League has been a huge success in Australia and has become a popular women’s T20 competition. While the Women’s Big Bash League has gained popularity in Australia, the Cricket Association of Bengal has organized a Bengal Women’s T20 Blast earlier this year, which saw 90 players drafted into the maiden season.

Three teams will participate:

After two years of no dedicated women’s IPL, the BCCI is now proposing a new format for the tournament. The new Women’s IPL will consist of six teams, with three teams from each franchise. The BCCI’s proposal is subject to the AGM. A vote on the new format is expected to take place before the start of the next season. While three teams will participate in the current season, BCCI says it plans to have six franchises in the Women’s IPL by 2023.

If the General Body approves, the Women’s IPL could feature five or six teams. While it is unlikely to include more than six teams, the tournament will be able to attract a global audience. The General Body has yet to approve the format, but it is expected to be at least three teams. Women’s exhibition games will be played in Pune before the first matches of the women’s IPL.

BCCI plans to Launch Women’s IPL in 2023:

The BCCI plans to launch the Women’s IPL in 2023. Earlier, the IPL had four teams and three teams. The board’s president had said that it would be “very difficult” to launch the Women’s IPL, but it is now expected to debut next year. The BCCI has been criticized for not making sufficient efforts to launch the Women’s IPL and has also promised to give priority to the existing franchises.

While the BCCI had proposed a six-team Women’s IPL in 2018, a vote was held at its Governing Council meeting in Mumbai. While the GC felt that women’s IPL had potential, it was unable to hold the tournament in 2021 because of influenza. Jemimah Roddhana and fellow women’s T20 Challenge players have also called for its launch.

The BCCI has partnered with Jio, which has paid 12 crores as title sponsor. They may invite Jio franchises to add a women’s team or invite them to bid for the tournament. The Jio franchises have been playing in the Women’s T20 Challenge since last year and have also participated in the Women’s Big Bash League. Jio’s franchises have a team in the Women’s Big Bash League, and Jio has players interested in bringing the Women’s T20 league to India.

The opening ceremony will not be held in IPL 2022:

In the past few years, we have seen many IPLs start and end without an opening ceremony. But now, that’s not the case anymore. As COVID-19 regulations make the games safer for players and staff, BCCI has decided not to hold an opening ceremony in IPL 2022. The first season of the women’s IPL will start on Saturday with a match between the Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders.


BCCI recently announced the prize money to the players who won medals in the Olympics. Before the opening match of IPL 2022. The BCCI has decided to honor those winners with a check of Rs 1 crore. The other players will receive the prize money as well. Neeraj Chopra, who won the gold medal in the Javeline Throw in the recent Olympics, will receive a check worth Rs 1 crore.

Approval of Women IPL 2023:

BCCI is planning to introduce a women’s IPL next year. The Governing Council meeting that included Sourav Ganguly is expected to approve the launch of a five or six-team women’s IPL. The governing council will then explore details and propose to the owners of existing IPL franchises to add a women’s team in the coming year.

BCCI has decided to include women in the IPL in 2023. The BCCI Governing Council has also discussed the media rights and will soon publish the tender. The women’s IPL will be held in two years, 2023 and 2027. In the meantime, the existing teams will be able to retain four players from the previous season. They will play their matches in their respective leagues, so the BCCI will have to decide which team to buy.

The BCCI has decided to expand the women’s T20 Challenge to a full-fledged women’s IPL. In the meantime. Cricket West Indies, Pakistan Cricket Board, and the English and Wales Cricket Board have all announced plans for women’s white-ball tournaments. A women’s T20 challenge will be held during the men’s playoffs. If there are enough franchises for women to play in the IPL, the Women’s T20 Challenge will be held in Pune.

Four matches will be played:

A year-long covid pandemic has forced the BCCI to delay the start of the Women’s IPL. The BCCI has now resolved to play four exhibition matches before the actual competition begins. This comes after criticism from people across different disciplines for BCCI’s lack of interest in women’s cricket. BCCI officials will now attempt to get the AGM’s approval to start the Women’s IPL in 2023. The BCCI has yet to decide how many teams will be participating in the first season.

The IPL has a policy to hold exhibition games in cities that do not host IPL matches. The Women’s T20 Challenge was first held in 2020. Three teams played four matches prior to the IPL playoffs. Last year, the tournament was postponed due to a pandemic, but it is likely to take place this year in Pune. Moreover, the GBC is also in the process of approving a bid for media rights for the Women’s IPL.


Numbers of Teams:

The Indian Premier League will include ten teams, with the top four qualifying for the playoffs. The round-robin format was dropped in the league phase, and two virtual groups of five teams were introduced. The four teams in the top four will then play in a playoff bracket. The winners of the first Qualifying match will go straight to the final, while the losing team will play the losing team in the second Qualifying match.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will begin organizing the Women’s IPL next year. The IPL Governing Council met in Mumbai on Friday and decided to make efforts to start the women’s IPL in 2023. The women’s IPL has been demanded for many years, but the decision was only recently taken. In the next five years, there will be four matches between three teams.


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